intelligent threat management

  • Protecting Yourself Against The Online Threat

    intelligent threat management

    If you are that confident that your computer based systems and all the information and data it contains is one hundred percent safe and secure from the prying eyes of hackers of international renown and all the different levels of cyber attacks doing the rounds of the World Wide Web these days then perhaps you would like to do the honor of starting up a conversation, explaining to the readers out there just how you do it.

    As for the rest of the readers, do sit in a little closer and take note of the following lines of reassurance. Rest assured that competent and professionally managed intelligent threat management systems can accurately and affordably (for you) identify potential cyber attacks that you would not have known existed before. The nature of a cyber attack is that it is a process of events. Not everyone has the capabilities to effectively and accurately identify both known and unknown threats.

    But above said competent and professionally managed systems operators can. A real time sensor based on artificial intelligence (AI), combined with deep and intelligent higher learning is used. A registered trademark known as the Advanced Analytic Reaction Engine is used. It drives multi-layered algorithms and, to date, has achieved results that exceed other approaches taken to providing cyber-security provisions.

    The best practice used is that of a collective of multiple applications. This will, no doubt, seem quite confusing and overwhelming to the layman. But not to a competent and professional cyber security management system staffer. Systems are in place to block the ongoing mutation of viruses. And while individual point solutions are centralized they are still not able to distinguish between a variety of cyber tactics being deployed by the malcontents of the WWW.

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